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Angela De Souza
[Speaker, Webinar]

Angela C. De Souza, a passionate British entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author, strives to inspire and empower individuals in business and personal development. As the proud founder of the Women's Business Club, she has created a vibrant platform uniting women entrepreneurs and professionals to connect, collaborate, and thrive together. Angela is the driving force behind the rapidly expanding Women's Business Club.
Her passion lies in unlocking people's purpose and business potential through Metacognition, a transformative methodology for thought leaders. A prolific writer and motivational speaker, Angela brings a no-nonsense approach to business and life. Beyond her LinkedIn profile as an Author, Speaker, and Entrepreneur, Angela enjoys shower singing, playing the piano, and exploring Bob Ross-style painting. Let's connect with her and embark on this journey together!

Angela De Souza A passionate British entrepreneur | motivational speaker | Author on a mission to inspire and empower individuals
Dr. Uohana
[Speaker, Panel Discussion]

With over 12 years of experience, Dr. Uohna is an established data scientist specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) strategies for business and marketing transformation. With a Ph.D. in statistics, she is adept at leveraging data to drive innovation and deliver effective marketing solutions.

Dr. Uohna's teaching style effectively combines scientific principles with practical applications, making complex AI and data analytics concepts accessible to marketing professionals. Utilizing storytelling and data science, she engages audiences and helps businesses embrace AI for competitive advantage.

At the event, Dr. Uohna will share insights on AI and ML, exploring innovative strategies that are revolutionizing marketing and reshaping industries.

Dr. Uohana Artificial Intelligence Strategist | Helping You Leverage Your Data to Craft Customized Solutions to Accelerate the Growth of Your
Lashawnda Rodgers
[Speaker, Panel discussion]

LaShawnda Rodgers is a seasoned leader in change management, DEI, and leadership development. As Founder and Principal Consultant at Rodgers Global Leadership Consortium, she specializes in guiding global projects, coaching, and stakeholder management. LaShawnda is committed to enhancing customer engagement, leadership development, and employee experience.
She is also Vice President of Community Outreach for Blacks in Technology and a Microsoft Partner. As a Founding Member of Tech Ladies, she mentors women in tech and advocates for BIPOC communities. LaShawnda's efforts have led to significant increases in profitability for organizations, earning her recognition with the 40 under 40 Award. Outside of work, she enjoys horseback riding, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Lashawnda Rodgers Founder| Leadership Consultant |DEI | Certified Coach| Career & Business Strategist| Tech Mentor| Facilitator | Speaker| VP Blacks In Technology RDU|
Salvia Mirza
[Speaker, Panel discussion]

Salvia Mirza, Managing Director, is a strategist and a futurist in the AI space. Her role involves bridging the gap between complex AI technologies and practical, impactful applications in various industries. With a foundation in management consulting, she has honed her skills in understanding business processes, identifying areas ripe for innovation, and devising strategies that drive growth and efficiency.
Her expertise lies in synthesizing AI technologies with business insights to create transformative solutions. This involves everything from conducting AI readiness assessments and developing AI strategies to overseeing the implementation of AI projects and ensuring they deliver tangible value. Her approach is always grounded in the principles of excellence, compassion, innovation, generosity, and collaboration, reflecting my belief that AI should be leveraged to not only drive business success but also to make a positive impact on society.

Salvia Mirza Managing Director | AI Consultant | Futurist | AI Educator
Heather Hallett-Duda

Heather specializes in team building, pre-sales support, onboarding, and driving adoption at healthcare solutions companies. Currently, she leads a strategy and advisory services team at an advanced analytics company. Previously, she served as an Executive Clinical Leader at a computer vision startup, leading US and offshore teams in driving product adoption and delivering data-driven insights.
Heather also held roles as Vice President of Customer Success and Vice President of Business Development, achieving revenue growth through renewal, expansion, and upsell activities. With a background as an intensive care nurse, Heather is dedicated to driving healthcare transformation through technology. She holds Bachelor's Degrees in Nursing and Psychology, a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, and is currently pursuing a Doctorate.

Heather Hallett-Duda Nurse Executive | HealthTech | Leader of High-Performing Teams
DAY 3, EVENT 1. 2Cs of Coaching: Communication and Confidence


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