Case Study: Shellye Archambeau

‘Fuzia team has always worked really hard to understand my requirements and make sure that I’m provided with what I need’ ?
- Shellye Archambeau

About Shellye Archambeau

An American Businesswoman, Shellye is Fortune 500s Board Director, Strategic Advisor, Former CEO and Author.

The Challenge

Social Media branding is key to growth in the digital world and with having her own book to launch and website to be developed, she wanted a partner she could trust to deliver results. Our dedicated team worked with her to understand her vision so as to be able to deliver goal oriented results.

Digital Marketing Solutions: An Overview

To amplify her digital presence and better the impact of her book launch, we aimed to transform her social media and build her website.

  • The Book Launch of Unapologetically Ambitious
  • Podcast collaborations and Press Releases
  • Online Brand Awareness was established through various platforms
  • Social Media Management was carried out smoothly
  • Monthly Live Events were organized
  • Book Club was organised to make marketing work wonders
  • Email campaigns were run throughout
  • Web development was done
  • Keen Social Interactions were made
Impact and Results

Working with us, she saw:

  • 20000 book copies were booked in the first month itself
  • 89% increase in organic sessions
  • 68% increase in social media traffic
  • Website visitors increased by 52%
Cindy Solomon:

About Cindy Solomon:

World-renowned keynote speaker, employee engagement, and customer loyalty expert Cindy Solomon transforms organizations through Courageous Leadership.


Cindy had been extremely active in driving leadership sessions, keynotes and trainings on customer service with national/international companies. She needed a partner to amplify her personal brand as a keynote speaker, leadership expert and grow her social presence. With the plethora of content and exciting work that was happening, it was also important to showcase it to drive more leads and traffic to book her too.


We focused on strategically tailoring the content for her social platforms to make it more active, impressive , personalised & authentic.

  • Strategically planned and organised the Instagram page
  • Utilised the videos and blogs in a way that could drive more traffic and
  • Twitter and Linkedin post management
  • Entire Brand awareness and Engagement
  • Managing the entire social calendar
  • Driving event promotions
  • 800% increase in IG audience reach in 2 months
  • 50% increase in tweet impressions and 300% increase in retweets in 2
  • 16% increase in LinkedIn post views in 2 months
Linda Popky:

About Linda Popky:

Linda is the founder and president of Leverage2Market® Associates, Inc., a strategic marketing company that helps organizations get heard above the noise in the marketplace. She is the author of the book Marketing Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing that Matters


Linda works with many clients and thought leaders. One of the major challenge was to ensure high quality and timely execution of the marketing strategy and consistent seamless coordination. Exceptional designs and timely promotions of events /activities along with regular engagement with the audience was extremely crucial to ensure satisfied clients and business growth.

  • A complete management of social media platforms [Linkedin, Twitter,
    Facebook, Instagram] for 3 major companies and businesses.
  • Timely social media calendar creation, event promotions and posting
  • Creating visually appealing graphics designs and infographics
  • Engaging with the community and building meaningful conversations
  • Managing paid ad campaigns on Linkedin to maximise traffic and visibility
  • Copywriting and tailoring captions for different platforms
  • Weekly strategy review and event updates
  • Seamless process flow that reduced the turnaround time of the outcome
  • Error free content posting and our double - check process saved a lot of
    time compared to the usual back and forth series of edits and corrections that used to happen earlier
  • Improved engagement rate within 2 months. It increased by 30%
  • The visually appealing graphics, content and consistency increased the audience reach by 33% on an average
Elizabeth Sutton:

About Elizabeth Sutton:

Elizabeth Sutton is a millennial “mom-preneur” and visual artist and designer and has already made it on her first Forbes list. Her vibrant Pop Art creations have drawn comparisons to Andy Warhol and her entrepreneurial prowess has landed her amongst the first 250 nominees selected to Forbes inaugural Next 1000 list, a roundup of the top up and coming small business entrepreneurs in the United States.


With her growing fashion brand and upcoming launch, she needed some immediate help and assistance with graphic designs, video editors and assistants to work on large volume of design edits for her brand kit.


We helped Elizabeth with virtual design assistants to expedite the work related to her launch event. This not only helped her manage volume of editing and & design work , but also accomplish the targets within deadline.

Case Study:

‘We are very happy to have collaborated with Fuzia for our HR services. They have understood our needs and have been delivering services in the best possible manner’ ?

About is the first pitch intelligence platform empowering sales reps to engage prospects and customers with confidence and expertise.

The Challenge

Though being an expert of a kind in their field, wanted to invest their trust in a company to manage their employees and payroll services. Our dedicated HR team worked towards their goals and helped them build their Human Resource in multiple dimensions.

Human resource management solutions: An Overview

We identified their goals and provided them with:

  • Dedicated HR team to manage queries and HR operations
  • Managed payroll services
Impact and Results

Working with us, their:

  • HR services improved by 82%
  • Saved a lot on their time and cost in staffing work, compliance and management
Case Study: Design Everest

‘We joined hands with Fuzia from scratch and they did a wonderful job transforming our social media. Their team has the best people to work with and we’re very satisfied with their services’ ?
- - Design Everest

About Design Everest

Design Everest is a leading technology-enabled Architecture and Engineering firm in California. They are best known for delivering speedy, cost-effective and quality design solutions.

The Challenge

Design Everest faced enormous challenges in managing their social media pages. They also wanted to have someone they can trust with managing their employees and payroll services. This is when we collaborated with them.

Digital Marketing Solutions: An Overview

TWe analysed their company goals and discussed their vision in detail before going forward with providing the best suited strategy. We provided them with:

  • Social Media Management from scratch
  • 20+ inbound leads every month
    Human Resource operations support
  • Dedicated HR associate to manage queries and HR operations
  • Managed payroll services
Impact and Results

Working with us, they saw

  • An increase in their inbound leads by 60%
  • Smooth social media management
  • Save a lot on their time and cost in staffing work, compliance and management

About CFHI:

Child Family Health International (CFHI) provides community-based Global Health Education Programs for students and institutions. CFHI is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations.


We have been helping CFHI manage their promotions and awareness by managing their Google Ad campaigns . Moreover, we have been supporting them to drive maximum program registrations through our strategic and targeted campaign optimisations

Case Study: New Light Institute

‘Fuzia team helped us in amplifying E-learning Live sessions and social media management. Their team was very dedicated and their work has been utterly professional. They really helped us with what we required’ ?
- New Light Institute

About New Light Institute

NLI is one of the finest preparatory institutes in India for a career in medicine and engineering. Besides academic excellence, they also inculcate self-confidence and interpersonal skills within their students.

The Challenge

Being an offline educational institute for the longest time, what NLI faced was an absence of Social Media Management, SEO practices, Online Marketing Strategy, and Ad management. With spending time and understanding the challenge NLI faced, our competent team not only delivered exceeding results but also marked exponential growth.

Digital Marketing Solutions: An Overview

To create an online presence and let the digital space know of NLI s presence, here are the marketing solutions we devised:

  • A competent online marketing strategy
  • Youtube channel Management
  • Web development with SEO growth
  • Online streaming of learning sessions with subject presentations
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics/Banners/Designs/Ebooks were circulated
  • Learning Content was developed for the online audience
  • Blog Writing to promote the platform
  • Ad Management to gain potential results
Impact and Results

Working with us, NLI :

  • Maximized visibility by 85%
  • Saw a 43% increase in their learning sessions
  • 91% growth in digital marketing
  • Rapid increase by 87% in E-learning platforms