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Marita Kihle

“I have loved working with Fuzia Talents so far and have especially appreciated the amazing work and conversations I have with Aakriti! The team is super talented and has delivered beyond my expectations I can highly recommend Fuzia Talent to anyone who wants to grow their company!”

Holistic Marketing & Communication Consultant
Lis Hoyte

”The work Aakriti has done so far is absolutely amazing, Such talent in all the areas of her work. Her ability to know exactly what is needed at the right time is always spot on. She has a lovely way about her and is extremely thoughtful of my needs. As a result of Aakriti's hard work my followers have increased, my post engagement has increased, and all of this is extremely positive, credit to Aakriti.”

Cohesive control coach CEO at Lis, Really? What? Coaching and Speaking LTD
Yvonne Bignall

“I have partnered with Fuzia since July/August 2022, and I have not been disappointed. One of my biggest concerns with having social media support has been understanding & trusting someone else to share my voice in an authentic way. The way Fuzia works, the team you align with give time & energy to understanding who you are, what you do and how what you do helps others. I've been delighted with their input and translation of my work.
I'm not sure I can imagine time without my Fuzia team now! I'll be working with them on my new website in 2023 and simply can't wait to see what they deliver! Thank you all: Priyanka Mishra, Priyanka Das, Devanshi, Shrinidhi, Jatin, Manya, Shreya”

Self-care coach, YvonneB Self-Care
Maria Jeffers

I have had the pleasure of working with Ananya over this last month and I can honestly say it feels like I have known her much longer. Ananya's style of working is highly responsive to my needs and she communicates well with me daily. I have found Ananya extremely organized and I enjoy our weekly meetings, where I value her creative input. Ananya has an excellent work ethic and I am enjoying having her support me.

Accredited Mindset & Performance Coach
Dr. Aref Alabed

"Outstanding work over the six few months. words can't express my admiration and gratitude for Srishti's incredible personality and detail-oriented efforts. I am extremely pleased with how she has created the content for my online courses. I'd also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the entire team and management for listening to my feedback and delivering the best results for my niche content creation needs. Fuzia Talent is on my top go-to list for any project that I think of."

Founder and CEO of the International Medical Training Academy (IMTA) in London
Debra (Metzke) Postil Esq

“It's been great to work with Roma and Aakriti on Fuzia's social media team. They have been highly communicative and responsive to all inquiries. A very motivating, supportive team. They have picked up knowledge in an area they were otherwise unfamiliar with in a very short amount of time! The blog posts have been extremely well-researched and well done. I have had three inquiries thus far asking for legal advice or lawyer referrals. Overall, I've been extremely happy with the work that the team has done and they are always open to new directions”

Senior Litigation Attorney
Rachel Zwipf

“Working with Aakriti has been life-saving for my company and me. I am not big on social media and posting. She has not only boosted my engagement in just a few months but also held me accountable for my role and helped me see the bigger picture when it comes to posting.”

Founder, Clean Chicks, LLC
Maaha Suleiman

Initially, I signed up with Fuzia to help me improve my SEO and social media engagement, but I soon found myself using their service to completely rebrand our company. The team has been amazing at designing and creating our new website to meet our needs. They've also been posting consistently on our social media pages, and I have seen an improvement in our SEO. Very happy with the communication, work ethic, and attitude of everyone at Fuzia and would highly recommend their services!

Founder, CareAlgo
Chad Smeltzer

I wanted to say that Pragya has been very helpful in helping our social media strategy. Her patience to figure out what I wanted was appreciated. Her social content and templates are fantastic. Well Done!

Founder, Bidcurement Inc.
Amy Lombardo

The services and support that Pragya has provided me these past four months have been amazing! She is detail-oriented and cares about the work she puts into all the projects. Pragya communicates in a timely manner while providing updated information on ongoing projects. Pragya is a team player and leader, who takes pride in helping her clients and who has the best interests in mind

Life Coach

Ananya Misra is simply brilliant. When we first met I felt like she got me, truly understood me, from the first second. I did not have to explain or go into detail ... Ananya just knew what was needed and the kind of energy that I wanted to express and project to my audience.
Ananya is reliable in every sense of the word and at every level and communicating with her is easy and down to earth. She writes thoughtful and thorough blog skeletons that are clear and easy to follow. My life is easier because of Ananya, and I can write much better and faster due to our work together. I am truly grateful for her talent and skills as a content expert and to Ananya as a human being. Thank you. I am simply grateful

Performance and Leadership Coach
Debra (Metzke) Postil Esq

I had the pleasure of working with Priyanka, and I must say that her services as a professional are truly outstanding. She demonstrates exceptional expertise in her field and possesses a remarkable blend of professionalism and approachability. Priyanka's ability to connect me with the perfect team members to handle my social media and website development needs was nothing short of impressive.
Throughout the entire process, Priyanka displayed remarkable efficiency and professionalism, exceeding my expectations.
Her dedication to ensuring my goals were met was evident as she remained fully committed to the project, always available to address any concerns or questions I had. With her support, I was able to achieve far more than l initially anticipated.
I am genuinely impressed with Priyanka's work and have no hesitation in recommending her services. I plan to enlist her expertise once again in the future. Besides her professional qualities, working with Priyanka was an absolute delight. Her delightful personality and sense of humor added an extra level of enjoyment to our collaboration. It is evident that she truly understands and appreciates the essence of the work.
Overall, I can confidently say that Priyanka is a consummate professional who excels in her field. Her expertise, dedication, and delightful nature make her an ideal choice for anyone seeking exceptional services.

Senior Litigation Attorney
Fiona Campbell

As an entrepreneur, I had been looking for support to help launch my Professional Growth Club membership site for a few months. Getting someone who could both understand and act on my vision was difficult. I started working with Aakriti a few months ago and she has been a breath of fresh air. She is managing this project and finding the correct experts who are able to help me with all the technical requirements. She is a joy to work with. She is professional, organized, and has great attention to detail. She has taken the time to help me shape what was an idea in my head into a viable product. As a bonus the advice that she is giving me from her digital marketing experience is fantastic. I thank Aakriti for helping me get this project ready to launch and intend to continue working with her as long as I can- Fiona Campbell

Founder, The Professional Growth Club
Laura Laugier

Arohee , the graphics designer!
I know I can be pedantic about the way something looks - I guess because I want to really present my personal (re) brand. She is clever enough to give me a choice when she shares the static options and I’ve been impressed with details like some of the watermarks she puts in the designs and symbolic icons. She’s also taken my feedback well and learned from it. Her use of the brand colours as well, has won feedback from some of my former colleagues. I’m also pleased with her delivery turnaround time.
Working with Aakriti and Ananya has been an unbelievable experience! I was doubtful when you suggested that the content we produce for LI would work for IG and FB. I've had people see my IG account and connect with me!
That said, Aakriti, is schooling me on some strategies for IG. She's also shared strategies to use when I go to events. She seems to have a very large toolkit with goodies to help content creators. Speaking of content creation, she's a fountain of ideas as well, and I LOVE her energy and enthusiasm when we brainstorm ideas. She is a gold nugget in your company.
Ananya has been settling well, I was a heavy editor of her copy at the beginning and was worried that my attention to detail would drive her bananas, but she's taken it in her stride, and her copy now is so good I just changed the pronoun and add my story into the copy.

Principal CEO, WEFIX UAE
Dez Stephens

My experience with Meenakshi and the rest of the Fuzia team has been excellent because they are responsive, professional, and adaptable to my needs

Founder and CEO, Radiant Coaches Academy
Olivia Nunn

Alisha has been able to understand my unique voice, vision, and tone, and she was able to integrate my brand and existing content seamlessly. Since utilizing Alisha's services, my social media presence as a mental health advocate and thought leader has gained significant traction. I am grateful to have Alisha by my side, enabling me to focus on my clients' needs while she handles my social media content across multiple platforms. Investing in myself and my business has been the best thing that I've been able to do as a small business owner.

Owner, Olivia Nunn Communications

I know I've mentioned many times how much I enjoy working with your team, and I would like to reiterate my immense pleasure with your entire team .
In particular, Meenakshi has had a kind guiding presence that I've found to be immensely beneficial to keeping my progress and momentum going. She actively goes above and beyond in every aspect and provides me with excellent work products and advice in this regard.
Thank you for your individualized support and for connecting me with the best of the best!

Founder, The Daring Dragonfly
Pedro Guzman

Working with Fuzia has been a great experience. From the initial meeting until completion Pragya Singhal and Rekha Kumari provided valuable professional advice and guided me on the best course of action for my business. Their advice saved me hundreds of dollars in subscription fees and opened the door for growth on multiple social media platforms. Because I had very little time available to develop and manage social media communications, SEO, and all its behind-the-scenes complexity, I relied heavily on their guidance throughout the process. Despite solely using digital communications, Pragya, Rekha and their team of professionals virtually held my hand throughout this process and did not miss a step along the way. I highly recommend working with Fuzia for its trusted services.

Founder & Owner of Presa Construction
Maaha Suleiman

Rekha has been a delight to work with, she is very attentive and has not only listened to my requests but has also added her feedback which has elevated the look and functionality of our website. I'm very happy with the work that was done for me on my website and I would recommend anyone to work with Rekha for hers.'

Founder, CareAlgo
Chad Smeltzer

I wanted to send in my recommendation for Rekha. Rekha is kind, motivated to help, and eager to improve. I would like to say that Rekha is a valuable asset to the Fuzia team. It is a pleasure working with her on these website projects

Founder, Bidcurement Inc.
Debra (Metzke) Postil Esq

“Rekha was very professional and completed the building and administration of my legal website. She offered many ideas, requested the copy that she needed, and built out a masterpiece. Its extensiveness far exceeded my expectations. Rekha was quick to coordinate calls when needed to gather more information to move the process forward. She indicated she enjoys the design part, which was demonstrated by the professional yet engaging website she built, but also is very knowledgeable about the backend. She always incorporated my ideas and provided many of her own. I gave several base ideas for the site which she used as a foundation, along with writing a lot of the content because it is unique to my field. I had professional photos, blogs, and logos ready to go that had been created by Fuzia, which helped add to the content and professionalism of the site. It was branded well to my colors and style. I'd love to work with Rekha again. Rekha is hard-working and passionate about her work. I'm confident she has a great career ahead of her, whatever field she works in.”

Senior Litigation Attorney
Yvonne Bignall

I’ve been in business since 2004. Since then, I have had many websites and I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, that the website you have created is the most comprehensive and well-put-together ever. You have pulled the best from the variety of sites I have had, blended it with the new content copy (that you have edited to fit proportionately), and put it in an exciting & visually pleasing layout.
Rekha, you are amazing! You have listened to everything I have said & asked for, wisely advising me along the way, utilizing your knowledge & experience to bring about the very best results possible. I am so pleased with what we are creating and will be showing off my new website with great pride & joy when it is completed.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done & continue to do!

Self-care coach, YvonneB Self-Care
Daisy Harvey

Rekha overdelivered on our project. She took the time to understand the business and vision, was thorough in her research, and even suggested more improvements to help simplify our customer journey. She helped me reach our deadlines and managed our project with care and attention. Thank you, Rekha!

Founder, Loom.Fashion
Dr. Colleen Georges

“I had the pleasure of working with Shreya through Fuzia Talent. I was very excited to work with an organization that promotes women's talent and each woman I met in the organization was wonderful. I was connected with Shreya to help me with two workbooks I had been working on. Shreya provided the most thorough review and suggested fixes for my books. She thought to look at things I never even considered that were critically important to examine. I implemented Shreya's suggestions and they made my workbooks that much better by doing so. Furthermore, Shreya delivered this comprehensive feedback very quickly! I'm so grateful for Shreya's and Fuzia's support and expertise with my project. I will be working with them again on future projects!"

Author, RESCRIPT Your Story LLC

Monam deserves a special mention and a celebration of her great design work. Monam creates beautiful images. I’d like to recommend her for a staff reward or recognition. Fantastic, Monam. I love your work.

VA, Green Business Champion
Laura Laugier

Arohee, the graphics designer!
I know I can be pedantic about the way something looks - I guess because I want to really present my personal (re) brand. She is clever enough to give me a choice when she shares the static options and I’ve been impressed with details like some of the watermarks she puts in the designs and symbolic icons. She’s also taken my feedback well and learned from it. Her use of the brand colors as well has won feedback from some of my former colleagues. I’m also pleased with her delivery turnaround time.

Principal CEO, WEFIX UAE
Christine Southam

I’m very happy with Anaan and very much enjoy working with her – she’s very smart, quick, considerate, intuitive, reliable, and quick to learn.
I’m over the moon with Anaan, and I very much enjoy working with her. Anaan is very smart, quick, considerate, intuitive, reliable, and quick to learn. She is such a valuable asset that I can’t imagine working without her.

Founder, CS Virtual assistant
Ceza Ouzounian

"I feel now that Prakriti and I have been working together for a couple of months, the content and outreach communication are more in line with my wording and focus and have the right tone for who I'm targeting. I like the creatives that have been produced for the content. It has been good staying on top of things with our weekly meetings. Doing some of the Facebook group postings has been good too. Overall, I'm happy with the work.

Founder, Warrior Traning
Demetra Moore

Prakriti is a fantastic virtual admin. She helped create marketing profiles for my business, organize and create workflows/automations to name a few. Prakriti would be a great asset to your team.
Roma does an excellent job managing my Linkedin profile. She works diligently to create innovative ways for me to grow organically. Roma consistently looks for ways to improve my brand. She is a great asset!”

Founder, Moore Out of Life
Naoko Fujihara

Ananya did a lot of research. She also introduced me to people working in my industry. Again, I appreciate her work as a Research Associate.

Juli Madacey

I think things are going well, and as I make a concrete plan for my program launch, Will be able to give Aanchal some more interesting work to do. She is doing really well, I'm happy to say, and it is great to have her on board.

Founder & Coach at Evexia Health & Wellness

Oh my goodness, Arohee! I have tears in my eyes looking at this. Arohee, you've done a gorgeous job. Thank you for taking all my bitty bits of feedback and weaving a beautiful, easy-to-follow, and consistent document that takes people on a real journey. I'm excited and proud to put this out in the world.

Leadership Coach, The Leadership Coaching Academy
Olivia Nunn

Prapti has been instrumental in building leads, gaining connections, and developing the initial warm introduction with potential new clients. As a new business owner, having a team that understands your goal is vital to scale. Prapti's ability to gain crucial introductions of potential new clients allows me the time and space to invest the much-needed energy to focus on the current clients on hand. Investing in a team early on is critical for a small business, and I'm glad that I did and grateful for the work and the energy that Prapti provides daily to my team.

Owner, Olivia Nunn Communications
Safrianna Lughna

Working with Manya from FuziaTalent as a virtual assistant for Living LUNA has been a wonderful experience. Manya's understanding and execution of LinkedIn strategies have increased our brand's visibility and engagement. Through her work, Manya has helped lay down the digital pathways that allow us to connect with more people, encouraging them to embrace their authentic selves and the fullness of their unique paths. Her efforts have made it possible for us to reach out and touch the lives of many, catalyzing the transformation magic that is the heart of all we do.
Her skill in crafting brand awareness posts has not only uplifted our online presence but has also resonated with our core values. She has done a wonderful job echoing the Living LUNA slogan, "Uplifting the Others," with every piece of content she creates. Manya's take on our newsletters has been not just informative but also imbued a sense of community and shared purpose that is so vital in our work.
I also want to speak to the professionalism and turnaround of the visual design team. They are fantastic!
Manya and FuziaTalent's contributions have not only been in alignment with our goals but have amplified our voice in a way that is both genuine and profound. We are incredibly grateful for the passion, professionalism, and the palpable dedication Manya brought to the Living LUNA mission.

Owner, Living Luna
Lorraine Eivers

We have quickly established a working relationship; Madhumita manages the workload effectively and is confident to chase and prompt me for follow-up actions. She is also appreciative that the messaging used has to be my authentic voice, and while suggestions are made by Madhumita and the content advisers, it is ultimately my final decision as to what is sent. Because I have this confidence in Madhumita, I am now extending my contract with Fuzia to incorporate social media support with posting content on LinkedIn and other platforms as appropriate. I very much look forward to commencing this support next month.

Owner, Lorraine Eivers Coaching