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    Client hours
    Completed in Last
    24 Months
  • 500+
    Trained and Economically Empowered
  • 75%
    Saved for Businesses and Startups
  • 5%
    Goes towards the cause of women education, upliftment and welfare
Our Services
Social Media & Personal Branding

Social Media is all about Trust and Recall!

Build a community for your organisation or personal brand that spread
awareness or sell your services to potential customers.

  • Community Management
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • YouTube Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • Pinterest Marketing
  • Personal Branding
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Digital Marketing

Leverage Google Ranking, Generate leads, Strengthen website and app, Drive website
traffic, and build brand awareness.

Book a free consultation with our expert to know more.

  • SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Google Ads optimisation
  • Facebook & Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn ads optimisation
  • YouTube ads
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Content Writing

Traditional Marketing is telling the world that you are a Rockstar and Content
Marketing is all about showing that You Are the One!

Book a free 1:1 consultation with our content wizard to know more about how it
can be a game changer for your business.

  • Ghost Writing
  • Blog, article Content Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Proofreading
  • Research Writing
  • Social Media posts writing
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Graphic & Creative Design

More Than 5K Unique Graphic Designs Created.
Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.
Let the ambassador do the talking.
Book a free consultation with our Creative Expert to know more.

  • Logo Design
  • Brochure Design
  • Illustrations
  • Animations
  • Web Design
  • 3D Design
  • Video editing
  • Video creation & editing - 2D and 3D Videos
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Business - Support Staff

One of the ways to reduce the work stress is by delegating responsibilities.

Hire a support staff or virtual assistant to save time and energy to concentrate
on strategic affairs.

  • Database Management and CRM Management
  • HR virtual assistant
  • LinkedIn Reach out assistant
  • Exectuive Assistant - Virtual
  • Project Research
  • Email Wriitng
  • Public Relation Associate
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Learning and
Development Solutions

Employee training programs are not an 'expense' but an 'Investment'.

Enhance the team's productivity by choosing one of the below or
customizing a training/development program to best meet the need of your organization.

  • Social media management
  • Digital marketing
  • Content writing
  • MS Excel for beginners
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business analysis
  • Marketing and branding
  • Customer servicing
  • Interpersonal skills
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Corporate Wellness

Did you know companies that prioritize the well-being of their employees see
higher engagement, retention, and revenue?

Our curated science-backed program is designed to empower your team,
increase productivity and drive growth in a fast-paced environment. Book a free consultation call today!

  • Mindful Productivity Workshops
  • Team-building Activities
  • Energetic Group Workout Sessions
  • Curated Tool Kits
  • Employee Pulse Check-ins
  • Monthly Reports and Assessment
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Our clients believe in us. Check out what they say:
Rachel Zwipf
Founder, Clean Chicks, LLC

“Working with Aakriti has been life-saving for my company and me. I am not big on social media and posting. She has not only boosted my engagement in just a few months but also held me accountable for my role and helped me see the bigger picture when it comes to posting.”

Debra (Metzke) Postil Esq

“It's been great to work with Roma and Aakriti on Fuzia's social media team. They have been highly communicative and responsive to all inquiries. A very motivating, supportive team. They have picked up knowledge in an area they were otherwise unfamiliar with in a very short amount of time! The blog posts have been extremely well-researched and well done. I have had three inquiries thus far asking for legal advice or lawyer referrals. Overall, I've been extremely happy with the work that the team has done and they are always open to new directions”

Yvonne Bignall
Self-care coach, Founder at Catalyst for change

“I have partnered with Fuzia since July/August 2022, and I have not been disappointed. One of my biggest concerns with having social media support has been understanding & trusting someone else to share my voice in an authentic way. The way Fuzia works, the team you align with give time & energy to understanding who you are, what you do and how what you do helps others. I've been delighted with their input and translation of my work.
I'm not sure I can imagine time without my Fuzia team now! They have:

  • Ensured my content is consistent and on point,
  • Crafted my professional brand bio from a mix of questions and old iterations.
  • Designed my new social media banner.
  • Created work and profile-raising opportunities across social media platforms.

I'll be working with them on my new website in 2023 and simply can't wait to see what they deliver! Thank you all: Priyanka Mishra, Priyanka Das, Devanshi, Shrinidhi, Jatin, Manya, Shreya”

Lis Hoyte
Cohesive control coach CEO at Lis, Really? What? Coaching and Speaking LTD

”The work Aakriti has done so far is absolutely amazing, Such talent in all the areas of her work.
Her ability to know exactly what is needed at the right time is always spot on. She has a lovely way about her and is extremely thoughtful of my needs. As a result of Aakriti's hard work my followers have increased, my post engagement has increased, and all of this is extremely positive, credit to Aakriti.”

Marita Kihle

“I have loved working with Fuzia Talents so far and have especially appreciated the amazing work and conversations I have with Aakriti! The team is super talented and has delivered beyond my expectations I can highly recommend Fuzia Talent to anyone who wants to grow their company!”

Ankur Chandra
Marketing Manager, Design Everest

“I was referred to the team of Fuzia Talent to help accumulate Social Media handles and verify the DB details of our Affiliates. Six months into the partnership, I am glad I was. Priyanka Mishra, the Head of Sales at Fuzia, was responsive and attentive to our needs from the get-go, assimilating a robust team that quickly grasped the need and delivered on the project. The team’s efforts shone through for each dataset that we shared with them. I cannot appreciate the team and the managers of the project enough, and rest assured, I intend to continue this partnership with them in the future.”

Shellye Archambeau
The former CEO of MetricStream Services,

‘"Fuzia team has always worked really hard to understand my requirements and make sure that I’m provided with what I need."

Abigail Ireland
Founder & Peak Performance Strategist
at Understanding Performance

“Priyanka and the team at Fuzia Talent did an excellent job supporting my business with various marketing initiatives. I was constantly kept informed on progress, and the team delivered over and above - on time and to a high standard. Very pleased about the wonderful and efficient service experience, and I will be coming back in the future for additional support!”

Brittany Sturla

“We had an excellent experience with the Fuzia Talent team. They not only understood our very specific requirements for a Virtual Assistant, but they also saved me two hours a day by finding an assistant that went above and beyond what I needed. I plan to use Fuzia Talent for more remote support needed in the future.

Taryn Jacoby
Entrepreneur, Transformational Life & Business Coach

“Fuzia supported me in the run up to a launch of one of my group programme's. Priyanka and Honey were professional throughout and really went above and beyond to make my Launch a success. They were available when needed despite the time difference and checked in with me regularly. Their customer service was above my expectations and I would recommend working with them for any outreach/admin support.”

Andrea J. Simon
CEO Simon Associates Management Consultants

"We worked with Shraddha Varma and the Fuzia team to launch our new book and recruit registrations to the book launch party. They were amazing. They had big ideas. The team knew how to execute on them. The results were terrific. It was a pleasure to work with them and hope to do so again in the future."

Ashish Sopori
Marketing Manager at Design Everest

“Fuzia has helped us with tactical execution and strategic planning for all of our social media profiles. They’ve shown an interest in taking on new initiatives and delivering tasks on time. As a client, this helps us expand our outreach to potential customers and nurture leads via informational content.”

Recruitment Industry, UK

"Kratika has been invaluable in an Administrative support position for our company over the last few months. We were in need of someone with the ability to literally pick up our process immediately and she did it seamlessly with very little instruction. Kratika has gone above and beyond and we work well together. We would thoroughly recommend the service"

Jey Price
CEO, JeyTal Ent

I personally enjoy working with Pragya. She is very responsive, prompt and takes feedback well. Overall I am pleased.

Dr. Aref Alabed
CEO & Founder for IMTA British Academy

I wanted support with many online courses development - content, designing and handling my social media platforms. You know you are fortunate when you have to hold heavy tasks over your shoulder and you have no one competent to work it for you & then suddenly you find Fuzia Talent. I am 100% happy with the deliverables, honesty, clarity, professional communication, organised with time flows and workflows. Fuzia Talent is highly trusted, recommended and my first direction for my upcoming support too.

Jennifer House
Founder, First Step Nutrition

“After working with Tuba for three months, I have more ideas for engaging Instagram stories and my wall feed looks much cleaner. Her design templates are attractive and post theme ideas were great to keep us on track with posting regular content. It has been wonderful working with her.”

Pedro Guzman
Founder & Owner of PresaConstruction

“Working with Fuzia has been a great experience. From the initial meeting until completion Pragya Singhal and Rekha Kumari provided valuable professional advice and guided me on the best course of action for my business. Their advice saved me hundreds of dollars in subscription fees and opened the door for growth on multiple social media platforms. Due to the fact that I had very little time available to develop and manage social media communications, SEO, and all its behind the scene complexity, I relied heavily on their guidance throughout the process. Despite solely using digital communications, Pragya, Rekha and their team of professionals virtually held my hand throughout this process and did not miss a step along the way. I highly recommend working with Fuzia for its trusted services.”

Maaha Suleiman
Founder, CareAlgo

“Initially, I signed up with Fuzia to help me improve my SEO and social media engagement, but I soon found myself using their service to completely rebrand our company. The team has been amazing at designing and creating our new website to meet our needs. They've also been posting consistently on our social media pages, and I have seen an improvement in our SEO. Very happy with the communication, work ethic, and attitude of everyone at Fuzia and would highly recommend their services!”

See what project Ninjas from our community has to say:

“I have been working with Fuzia Talent as a freelance Research Intern for one of their clients. I got a really great experience working with Fuzia Talent, it is grateful to see that the Fuzia Talent team gives a chance to a fresher like me. The firm gave me a chance to grow and helped me gain technical knowledge, not only this but this employment also helped me financially to look after my tuition fee. Glad to be a part of the Fuzia Talent team.”

Priyanshi Intern

“I enjoy working with the Fuzia Talent team. The project from Fuzia Talent has helped me gain more knowledge and experience with freelancing, as this is my first freelancing. I received both experience and financial support from Fuzia Talent, I am grateful to be a part of the team.”

Vanshika Research Intern at Design
Everest Project

“My internship at Fuzia offered a very warm and welcoming environment where I could learn about the information of research and many different aspects of the job included in the field. This was an amazing experience for me as I got to see how the industry values the research we do. The internship was a worthwhile experience and I feel that it has prepared me well for my professional career.”

Vani Research Intern at Design
Everest Project

“I have been associated with Fuzia Talent for over 2 years as a freelance content writer. To date, I have had a chance to work on various kinds of content formats and with each piece, I have felt a sense of growth in myself. To anyone looking forward to creating, learning and earning opportunities for themselves through a trusted community, then this is THE PLACE for you.”

Prachi Kothari Content Writer

“After being a freelance content writer at Fuzia Talent for almost a year, I know that it is a wonderful space to evolve with diverse projects leading to self development, critical thinking and higher confidence in life. More than work, as an author it connects me with greater social responsibility in representing women and their challenges. I feel self empowered in being a part of a financially and mentally supportive team and that truly makes my journey an incredible one.”

Priyanga S. Content Writer

“Fuzia Talent has helped me be a better writer in so many different ways. I get to research new topics and explore different areas of life. As a writer, I experience several lives and impact those many too! Thanks to them for letting me be the voice and inspiring others out there!”

Sakina Content Writer

“I have been associated with Fuzia Talent for almost a year and it is a really great experience working with Fuzia Talent. This helped me to showcase my expertise in the right direction and get more exposure to work with international clients. Fuzia Talent helped me settle down financially.I am really glad to be part of Fuzia Talent. “

Kratika Shrivastava HR

I was searching for a platform through which I could enhance and showcase my skills, my communication & knowledge. After joining Fuzia, I realised how beautiful this platform is & how much I can learn here.

Subhasree Monda

Fuzia and my journey as a writer with it have both been amazing. For one thing I discovered I actually am not that bad at poetry and secondly if it hadn’t been for Fuzia I would have been depressed forever. Thanks Fuzia and Fuziaites!

Charu Tiwari

Not only did Fuzia enhance my creative skills & gave me a global space to express, I also grabbed a remote Internship opportunity which turned into a full time job opportunity and I couldn't be happier! I will be forever grateful to Fuzia.

Sarita Das

Fuzia is a place to find great networking opportunities. I learn a lot from other creative members here. This platform inspires me everyday to do more & learn more.

Angona Biswas

Belonging to Fuzia, a network of creative & like minded people has been an amazing and inspiring one for me. I learnt to be much more expressive

Ugonma Chibuzo

My creativity has got great exposure after I started posting my art work on Fuzia. Now more people know me through my work and I feel Fuzia has given me an identity I otherwise felt missing. Thank you for instilling this confidence in me.

Devina Gunawan

The counselors on Fuzia are really helpful. I do not feel depressed now & I feel a lot better. Expressing myself on Fuzia has made me feel more confident and happy.

Dedeepya Tatineni
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