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Case study :
Shellye Archambeau

"Fuzia team has always worked really hard to understand my requirements and make sure that I’m provided with what I need."

- Shellye Archambeau
Author , Former CEO of Metricstream
About Shellye Archambeau

An American Businesswoman, Shellye is Fortune 500s Board Director,
Strategic Advisor, Former CEO and Author.


Social Media branding is key to growth in the digital world and with having her own
book to launch and website to be developed, she wanted a partner she could trust to
deliver results. Our dedicated team worked with her to understand her vision so as to be
able to deliver goal oriented results.


To amplify her digital presence and better the impact of her book launch, we aimed to transform her social media and build her website.

  • The Book Launch of Unapologetically Ambitious
  • Podcast collaborations and Press Releases
  • Online Brand Awareness was established through various platforms
  • Social Media Management was carried out smoothly
  • Monthly Live Events were organized
  • Book Club was organised to make marketing work wonders
  • Email campaigns were run throughout
  • Web development was done
  • Keen Social Interactions were made
Impact and Results
  • 89%

    increase in
  • 68%

    increase in
    social media
  • 52%

    increase in
  • 20K
    book copies were
    booked in the first
    month itself
Case study :
Cindy Solomon
Cindy Solomon
International Keynote speaker, Leadership coach, CEO-Courageous
Leadership Institute
About Cindy Solomon

World-renowned keynote speaker, employee engagement, and
customer loyalty expert Cindy Solomon transforms organizations through Courageous Leadership.


Cindy had been extremely active in driving leadership sessions, keynotes and
trainings on customer service with national/international companies. She
needed a partner to amplify her personal brand as a keynote speaker, leadership
expert and grow her social presence. With the plethora of content and exciting
work that was happening, it was also important to showcase it to drive more
leads and traffic to book her too.


We focused on strategically tailoring the content for her social platforms to make it more active, impressive , personalised & authentic.

  • Strategically planned and organised the Instagram page
  • Utilised the videos and blogs in a way that could drive more traffic and engagement
  • Twitter and LinkedIn post management
  • Entire Brand awareness and Engagement
  • Managing the entire social calendar
  • Driving event promotions
Impact and Results
  • 800%

    increase in
    audience reach
    in 2 months
  • 50%

    increase in
  • 300%

    increase in
    retweets in 2
  • 16%

    increase in LinkedIn
    post views in 2
Case study :
Linda Popky
Linda Popky
Founder and president of Leverage2Market® Associates, Inc.
About Linda Popky

Linda is the founder and president of Leverage2Market® Associates, Inc.,
a strategic marketing company that helps organizations get heard above
the noise in the marketplace. She is the author of the book Marketing
Above the Noise: Achieve Strategic Advantage with Marketing that Matters


Linda works with many clients and thought leaders. One of the major challenge
was to ensure high quality and timely execution of the marketing strategy and
consistent seamless coordination. Exceptional designs and timely promotions
of events /activities along with regular engagement with the audience was
extremely crucial to ensure satisfied clients and business growth.

  • A complete management of social media platforms [LinkedIn, Twitter,
  • Facebook, Instagram] for 3 major companies and businesses.
  • Timely social media calendar creation, event promotions and posting
  • Creating visually appealing graphics designs and infographics
  • Engaging with the community and building meaningful conversations
  • Managing paid ad campaigns on LinkedIn to maximise traffic and visibility
  • Copywriting and tailoring captions for different platforms
  • Weekly strategy review and event updates
Impact and Results
  • Seamless process flow that reduced the turnaround time of the outcome
  • Error free content posting and our double - check process saved a lot of
  • time compared to the usual back and forth series of edits and corrections that used to happen earlier
  • 30%

    increase in
    engagement rate
    within 2 months
  • 33%

    increase in audience reach
    through visually appealing
    graphics, content and consistency
Case study :
Elizabeth Sutton
Elizabeth Sutton
“Mom-preneur”, visual artist and designer - Elizabeth Sutton Collection
About Elizabeth Sutton

Elizabeth Sutton is a millennial “mom-preneur” and visual artist and
designer and has already made it on her first Forbes list. Her vibrant
Pop Art creations have drawn comparisons to Andy Warhol and her
entrepreneurial prowess has landed her amongst the first 250
nominees selected to Forbes inaugural Next 1000 list, a roundup of the
top up and coming small business entrepreneurs in the United States.


With her growing fashion brand and upcoming launch, she needed some
immediate help and assistance with graphic designs, video editors and
assistants to work on large volume of design edits for her brand kit.


We helped Elizabeth with virtual design assistants to expedite the work related to her launch event. Strategised and
provided with the suitable talent of graphic designers and video editors.

Impact and Results

This not only helped her manage volume of editing and & design work , but also accomplish the targets within

Case study :

"We are very happy to have collaborated with Fuzia for our HR services. They have understood our needs and have been delivering services in the best possible manner."

About is the first pitch intelligence platform empowering sales reps
to engage prospects and customers with confidence and expertise.


Though being an expert of a kind in their field, wanted to invest their trust in a company to manage their
employees and payroll services. Our dedicated HR team worked towards their goals and helped them build
their Human Resource in multiple dimensions.


We identified their goals and provided them with:

  • Dedicated HR team to manage queries and HR operations
  • Managed payroll services
Impact and Results
  • 82%

    improvement in
    HR services
  • 33%

    time and cost saved in staffing
    work, compliance and management
Case study :
Design Everest

We joined hands with Fuzia from scratch and they did a wonderful job transforming our social media. Their team has the best people to work with and we’re very satisfied with their services."

- Design Everest
About Design Everest

Design Everest is a leading technology-enabled Architecture and
Engineering firm in California. They are best known for delivering
speedy, cost-effective and quality design solutions.


Design Everest faced enormous challenges in managing their social media
pages. They also wanted to have someone they can trust with managing their
employees and payroll services. This is when we collaborated with them.


We analysed their company goals and discussed their vision in detail before going forward with providing the best
suited strategy. We provided them with:

  • Social Media Management from scratch
  • 20+ inbound leads every month

Human Resource operations support

  • Dedicated HR associate to manage queries and HR operations
  • Managed payroll services
Impact and Results
  • book copies were
    booked in the first
    month itself
  • 60%

    increase in
    inbound leads
  • 30%

    time and cost saved in
    staffing work, compliance
    and management
Case study :
Child Family Health International
Child Family Health International (CFHI)
About CFHI

Child Family Health International (CFHI) provides community-based
Global Health Education Programs for students and institutions.
CFHI is an NGO in Special Consultative Status with the ECOSOC of the United Nations.


To drive maximum program registrations through spreading awareness


We have been helping CFHI manage their promotions and awareness by
managing their Google Ad campaigns . Moreover, we have been supporting
them to drive maximum program registrations through our strategic and targeted campaign optimisations

Impact and Results

Higher engagement and response for program registrations.

Case study :
New Light Institute

"Fuzia team helped us in amplifying E-learning Live sessions and social media management. Their team was very dedicated and their work has been utterly professional. They really helped us with what we required.”

- New Light Institute
About New Light Institute

NLI is one of the finest preparatory institutes in India for a career in
medicine and engineering. Besides academic excellence, they also
inculcate self-confidence and interpersonal skills within their students.


Being an offline educational institute for the longest time, what NLI faced was
an absence of Social Media Management, SEO practices, Online Marketing
Strategy, and Ad management. With spending time and understanding the
challenge NLI faced, our competent team not only delivered exceeding results
but also marked exponential growth.


Being an offline educational institute for the longest time, what NLI faced was
an absence of Social Media Management, SEO practices, Online Marketing
Strategy, and Ad management. With spending time and understanding the
challenge NLI faced, our competent team not only delivered exceeding results
but also marked exponential growth.


To create an online presence and let the digital space know of NLI s presence, here are the marketing solutions we devised:

  • A competent online marketing strategy
  • Youtube channel Management
  • Web development with SEO growth
  • Online streaming of learning sessions with subject presentations
  • Social Media Management
  • Graphics/Banners/Designs/Ebooks were circulated
  • Learning Content was developed for the online audience
  • Blog Writing to promote the platform
  • Ad Management to gain potential results
Impact and Results
  • 85%

  • 43%

    increase in their
    learning sessions
  • 91%

    growth in digital
  • 87%

    rapid increase in E-
    learning platforms
Case study :
The Professional Growth Club
About Fiona Campbell
Fiona Campbell, founder of The Professional Growth Company and NLP Business Circle, is a renowned NLP trainer with 30+ years of international Leadership Development experience. Her vision is to establish The Professional Growth Club, an online Kajabi membership club empowering professionals to enhance their skills using NLP techniques, connect with successful individuals worldwide, and accelerate personal and organisational growth.

Transforming Vision into Reality

Fiona Campbell faced a significant challenge when she embarked on the journey of launching "The Professional Growth Club" membership site on Kajabi. Her quest for a collaborator who could understand her unique vision and effectively execute it proved to be demanding and time-consuming.

  • Understanding the Vision: Fuzia talent closely collaborated with Fiona to comprehend her vision, goals, and desired aesthetics for "The Professional Growth Club" membership site.
  • Expert Website Design: Leveraging our network, we connected Fiona with a skilled Kajabi developer experienced in creating visually appealing and user-friendly Kajabi membership site.
  • Iterative Design Process: Through regular feedback sessions, we refined the website's layout, colour scheme, typography, and overall aesthetics to align with Fiona's vision.
  • Functional Viability: Talent ensured the website's viability by incorporating robust functionalities like membership registration, secure payment gateways,and interactive features.
  • User Testing and Refinement: Rigorous user testing allowed us to gather feedback and refine the website, enhancing its performance and user satisfaction.
  • Community Creation: Fuzia Talent collaborated with Fiona to develop a well-structured and user-friendly Kajabi community. They designed the layout, organised discussion forums, and incorporated interactive features to facilitate seamless communication and engagement among members.
  • Branding Collateral: Fuzia Talent assisted Fiona in creating branding collateral, such as a professional logo and branding kit ensuring consistency and coherence across all touchpoints of her personal brand.
Impact and Results

Turning Vision into Impact, FT solution enabled Fiona to transform her vision into a tangible and impactful online platform called “The Professional Growth Club”. The membership site empowered ambitious professionals by providing them with unlimited access to the Six Leader System courses, a new course every month, personal certificates of completion, diverse multimedia resources, and a supportive online community.

  • 20
    monthly paying
  • 8
    annual paying
  • 500
    resources strong interest
    and commitment from her
    target audience.
  • 16
     Affiliates on

Fiona has established a network of partners who will help promote and expand the reach of her membership site.


“As an entrepreneur, I had been looking for support to help launch my Professional Growth Club membership site for a few months. Getting someone who could both understand and action my vision was difficult. I started working with Aakriti a few months ago and she has been a breath of fresh air. She is managing this project and finding the correct experts that are able to help me with all the technical requirements. She is a joy to work with. She is professional, organised and has great attention to detail. She has taken the time to help me shape what was an idea in my head into a viable product. As a bonus the advice that she is giving me from her digital marketing experience is fantastic. I thank Aakriti for helping me getting this project ready to launch and intend to continue working with her as long as I can.”- Fiona Campbell

Case study :
About Yvonne
 Yvonne is a Self-Care Coach & Award Winning Women’s Health Advocate. As a qualified Personal Trainer, Nordic Walking Instructor, Nutrition Coach, Physical Intelligence Coach & Nature Facilitator, and passionate about maintaining mind, body & soul connection for meaningful wellness, Yvonne helped women 50+ rediscover and reconnect with their powerful self, putting their health first so that they have the energy and potential to take on the world!

Yvonne, as a coach, had numerous responsibilities that required her full attention. Consequently, she wanted someone who could serve as her voice and enhance her social media presence by creating empowering posts focused on self-care for women over 50 and promoting her services.


Upon understanding Yvonne's requirements through the completion of a brand discovery questionnaire, we presented her with a comprehensive solution. Our approach included the following components:

  • Conducting a thorough analysis of her website to gain insights into her desired tonality, content, and design aesthetics.
  • Assumed responsibility for managing her complete social media presence by crafting a well-structured content calendar and developing visually appealing graphics across her three key platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • Developed brand pillars tailored to her unique brand identity, incorporating thought-provoking questions and engaging polls within her social media strategy to enhance user interaction and participation.
  • Strategically scheduled posts during optimal timeframes to maximize traffic and reach.
  • Implemented a hashtag strategy to augment her posts' visibility and broaden their reach.
  • Ensured the inclusion of compelling calls-to-action (CTAs) within the captions to raise user awareness regarding her services.
  • 3365
  • 519
    Profile visits
  • 45104
  • 1475
    New Followers
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Our Clients LOVE Working With Us
Christine Southam

I’m very happy with Anaan and very much enjoy working with her – she’s very smart, quick, considerate, intuitive, reliable, and quick to learn.
I’m over the moon with Anaan, and I very much enjoy working with her. Anaan is very smart, quick, considerate, intuitive, reliable, and quick to learn. She is such a valuable asset that I can’t imagine working without her.

Founder, CS Virtual assistant

Rachel Zwipf

Working with Aakriti has been life-saving for my company and me. I am not big on social media and posting. She has not only boosted my engagement in just a few months but also held me accountable for my role and helped me see the bigger picture when it comes to posting.

Founder, Clean Chicks, LLC

Dr. Colleen Georges

I had the pleasure of working with Shreya through Fuzia Talent. I was very excited to work with an organization that promotes women's talent and each woman I met in the organization was absolutely wonderful. I was connected with Shreya to help me with two workbooks I had been working on. Shreya provided the most thorough review and suggested fixes for my books. She thought to look at things I never even considered that were critically important to examine. I implemented Shreya's suggestions and they made my workbooks that much better by doing so. Furthermore, Shreya delivered this comprehensive feedback very quickly! I'm so grateful for Shreya's and Fuzia's support and expertise with my project. I will absolutely be working with them again on future projects!

Author, RESCRIPT Your Story LLC

Debra (Metzke) Postil Esq

Rekha was very professional and completed the building and administration of my legal website. She offered many ideas, requested the copy that she needed, and built out a masterpiece. Its extensiveness far exceeded my expectations. Rekha was quick to coordinate calls when needed in order to gather more information to move the process forward.


Yvonne Bignall

I have partnered with Fuzia since July/August 2022, and I have not been disappointed. One of my biggest concerns with having social media support has been understanding & trusting someone else to share my voice in an authentic way. The way Fuzia works, the team you align with give time & energy to understanding who you are, what you do and how what you do helps others. I've been delighted with their input and translation of my work.
I'm not sure I can imagine time without my Fuzia team now!
I'll be working with them on my new website in 2023 and simply can't wait to see what they deliver! Thank you all: Priyanka Mishra, Priyanka Das, Devanshi, Shrinidhi, Jatin, Manya, Shreya”

Self-care coach, Founder at YvonneB Self-Care

Lis Hoyte

The work Aakriti has done so far is absolutely amazing, Such talent in all the areas of her work.
Her ability to know exactly what is needed at the right time is always spot on. She has a lovely way about her and is extremely thoughtful of my neyeds. As a result of Aakriti's hard work my followers have increased, my post engagement has increased, and all of this is extremely positive, credit to Aakriti.

Cohesive control coach CEO at Lis,
Really? What? Coaching and Speaking LTD

Marita Kihle

I have loved working with Fuzia Talents so far and have especially appreciated the amazing work and conversations I have with Aakriti! The team is super talented and has delivered beyond my expectations I can highly recommend Fuzia Talent to anyone who wants to grow their company!


Ankur Chandra

I was referred to the team of Fuzia Talent to help accumulate Social Media handles and verify the DB details of our Affiliates. Six months into the partnership, I am glad I was. Priyanka Mishra, the Head of Sales at Fuzia, was responsive and attentive to our needs from the get-go, assimilating a robust team that quickly grasped the need and delivered on the project. The team’s efforts shone through for each dataset that we shared with them. I cannot appreciate the team and the managers of the project enough, and rest assured, I intend to continue this partnership with them in the future.

Marketing Manager, Design Everest

Shellye Archambeau

Fuzia team has always worked really hard to understand my requirements and make sure that I’m provided with what I need.

The former CEO of MetricStream Services,

Abigail Ireland

Priyanka and the team at Fuzia Talent did an excellent job supporting my business with various marketing initiatives. I was constantly kept informed on progress, and the team delivered over and above - on time and to a high standard. Very pleased about the wonderful and efficient service experience, and I will be coming back in the future for additional support!

Founder & Peak Performance Strategist
at Understanding Performance

Taryn Jacoby

"“Fuzia supported me in the run up to a launch of one of my group programme's. Priyanka and Honey were professional throughout and really went above and beyond to make my Launch a success. They were available when needed despite the time difference and checked in with me regularly. Their customer service was above my expectations and I would recommend working with them for any outreach/admin support.”

Entrepreneur, Transformational Life & Business Coach

Andrea J. Simon

We worked with Shraddha Varma and the Fuzia team to launch our new book and recruit registrations to the book launch party. They were amazing. They had big ideas. The team knew how to execute on them. The results were terrific. It was a pleasure to work with them and hope to do so again in the future.

CEO Simon Associates Management Consultants

Ashish Sopori

Fuzia has helped us with tactical execution and strategic planning for all of our social media profiles. They’ve shown an interest in taking on new initiatives and delivering tasks on time. As a client, this helps us expand our outreach to potential customers and nurture leads via informational content.

Marketing Manager at Design Everest


Kratika has been invaluable in an Administrative support position for our company over the last few months. We were in need of someone with the ability to literally pick up our process immediately and she did it seamlessly with very little instruction. Kratika has gone above and beyond and we work well together. We would thoroughly recommend the service

Recruitment Industry, UK

Jey Price

I personally enjoy working with Pragya. She is very responsive, prompt and takes feedback well. Overall I am pleased.

CEO, JeyTal Ent

Dr. Aref Alabed

I wanted support with many online courses development - content, designing and handling my social media platforms. You know you are fortunate when you have to hold heavy tasks over your shoulder and you have no one competent to work it for you & then suddenly you find Fuzia Talent. I am 100% happy with the deliverables, honesty, clarity, professional communication, organised with time flows and workflows. Fuzia Talent is highly trusted, recommended and my first direction for my upcoming support too.

CEO & Founder for IMTA British Academy

Jennifer House

After working with Tuba for three months, I have more ideas for engaging Instagram stories and my wall feed looks much cleaner. Her design templates are attractive and post theme ideas were great to keep us on track with posting regular content. It has been wonderful working with her.

Founder, First Step Nutrition

Pedro Guzman

Working with Fuzia has been a great experience. From the initial meeting until completion Pragya Singhal and Rekha Kumari provided valuable professional advice and guided me on the best course of action for my business. Their advice saved me hundreds of dollars in subscription fees and opened the door for growth on multiple social media platforms. Due to the fact that I had very little time available to develop and manage social media communications, SEO, and all its behind the scene complexity, I relied heavily on their guidance throughout the process. Despite solely using digital communications, Pragya, Rekha and their team of professionals virtually held my hand throughout this process and did not miss a step along the way. I highly recommend working with Fuzia for its trusted services.

Founder & Owner of Presa Construction

Maaha Suleiman

Initially, I signed up with Fuzia to help me improve my SEO and social media engagement, but I soon found myself using their service to completely rebrand our company. The team has been amazing at designing and creating our new website to meet our needs. They've also been posting consistently on our social media pages, and I have seen an improvement in our SEO. Very happy with the communication, work ethic, and attitude of everyone at Fuzia and would highly recommend their services!

Founder, CareAlgo