What is Fuzia talent? right arrow

Fuzia Talent is an on-demand talent platform powered by a super-talented community of women freelance professionals. It is a 100% personalized talent platform tailored for coaches, solopreneurs, CXO’s, and small business owners to outsource any task or hire flexible, vetted, and remote talents. What's more- you don't just work with a seasoned marketer or a VA, but you actually support our mission of empowering women. So no matter what stage of growth you’re at right now, whether you're a newbie or a seasoned pro, whether you need a marketing manager or an administrative assistant, we’ve got something for everyone!

Who does Fuzia provide services for? right arrow

Any business or business owner, solopreneur or We work with clients from around the world as a remote team (predominantly coaches, solopreneurs, CXOs, and start-ups) and connect them with the best-scouted resource. Our top categories are Coaches, Technology, Wellness, VA Agencies, Digital Agencies, NGOs, Influencers, etc

What are the services Fuzia provides? right arrow

At Fuzia Talent, we specialize in all kinds of marketing and virtual assistant support. Right from a Marketing Strategist to an Admin VA, we have it all. Our expert freelancers can deliver services revolving around social media marketing, personal branding, Ads and SEO management, logo design, graphic design, UI/UX assistance, animation and illustrations, blog writing, Copywriting, Website design, Website development, Kajabi VA, virtual assistance, Course content creation, Video editing, etc.

What makes Fuzia Talent different from other freelancer platforms? right arrow

Fuzia Talent is unique in that we focus on empowering women freelancers and providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and connect with clients. We specialize in supporting coaches, founders, and solopreneurs, and we pride ourselves on our personalized approach to matching our clients with the right freelancer for their projects.
Unlike other platforms, you don't have to spend a huge time doing job postings, screening applications, and taking interviews. Moreover, you don't have to worry about the authenticity and reliability of the freelancer. Fuzia Talent takes full responsibility for the work delivery. So you save TIME AND MONEY. That's what makes us different!

What are the benefits of working with Fuzia Talent? right arrow

Fuzia Talent is a 100% guaranteed, personalized platform, tailored for your needs. Our team operates with two primary mindsets: problem-solving and solution support. Our team thoroughly investigates your requirements and scouts out the best-suited resource for you at NO COST. This in turn helps you in the following ways:

1. You save 75% of your time, while our team finds the resource for you

2. You save 75% of your cost, while we find the best in-budget talent to deliver your project

3. When you hire a woman freelancer, you support a woman with her economic growth

4. You contribute to the world’s women's employment ratio.

5. You get to encourage and support a growing global community of talented, skilled women professionals who have a spark to make a difference with their skills. Additionally, you get fresh ideas and perspectives from young minds.

Fuzia Talent contributes 5% of its revenue towards women's education, rural upliftment, and women’s health and wellness initiatives. By working with Fuzia Talent, you are working toward making this world a better place.

How do I set up a free consultation meeting? right arrow

Click here to avail a free 20-minute expert consultation. Our business advisor will be happy to understand your goals.

How quickly can Fuzia Talent find a resource for me? right arrow

Fuzia Talent seeks a resource from its own community, which has a culture that values diversity, inclusion, and upskilling. Because we know our community so well, it takes our advisors no more than 7 days to find the best resource from a pool of 5 million+ talents.

Who will manage my work? right arrow

Following the signing of the contract, our team assigns the project to the most appropriate, mind-picked resource. You will get a dedicated Project manager who will be a single point of contact [SPOC] for you to ensure timely delivery. The resource will ensure an understanding of your values, business, requirements, and expectations. The resource will ensure on-time delivery and quick solutions to all your requirements and queries.

How much do the services cost? right arrow

We try to work at the best price that’s suitable for your project and business requirements. Once we know your business and needs through a brief meeting, we will have a better idea of the cost. Our freelancers can be hired for between USD 10 and USD 18 per hour, depending on their experience and skill set. Alternatively, each service can be customized as per project basis or fixed cost basis as well.

How does Fuzia Talent work and how do you ensure the quality of the freelancers who work? right arrow

We have a rigorous screening process in place to ensure that only the best and most qualified freelancers are assigned a particular project. We also encourage our clients to provide feedback on their experiences working with our freelancers, which helps us to continually improve our services.

Here are the steps that we follow before we start any work:

  • Step 1 - We understand your business, goals, values and challenges.
  • Step 2 - We collaborate with you to recommend a solution that meets your requirements.
  • Step 3 - We define the scope of work for the talent powered by your expectations
  • Step 4 - You sign a quick contract and adhere to its easy payment terms
  • Step 5 - You meet the perfect talent match -
  • Kick off the project with Fuzia Talent’s resource

What will happen if I don’t find my resources effective or they have to leave in the middle? right arrow

Fuzia Talent provides 100% guaranteed services, so we have a 98% success rate in finding the right match. However, if you need to change the project delivery resource for any reason, our talent advisor will do so within 5 working days.

Do you work on a project basis? right arrow

Yes, we do work on one-time projects. We can define scope and pricing in advance for full transparency.

Is my payment secure on Fuzia Talent? right arrow

Yes, Fuzia Talent takes security and payment protection very seriously and has implemented security systems and processes to ensure that your payments are safe and secure. We use the Quickbooks platform to generate invoices which help you pay via your credit card, debit card or net banking

Do you allow credit payments? right arrow

Yes, Fuzia Talent understands the role of credit payment and allows its clients to pay after utilizing the services. However, the credit services are only applicable on recurring payments/projects.

Do you accept Australian dollars? right arrow

No. We only accept US dollars. The invoice is generated via QuickBooks. It helps you save transfer commissions and gives you the option to pay by credit/debit card, or net banking.

What is Fuzia? right arrow

Fuzia, born as a writing club in 2012, has blossomed into a global platform renowned for empowering individuals worldwide. We believe that true empowerment involves the support of everyone, regardless of their gender. At Fuzia, we provide a virtual stage for people to showcase their talents, collaborate, learn, upskill, and engage in meaningful conversations.

The term "Fuzia" originated from the idea of fusion of cultures and ideas. Our mission is to empower individuals, instill confidence and independence, and guide them to unlock their inner talents and monetize their skills. With over 5 million creators globally, Fuzia forms a vibrant network that believes in the empowerment of women. It serves as a community and a learning platform for every individual seeking growth and independence.

An empowering platform for freelancers, working professionals, and job aspirants

Why should I be a part of the Fuzia Community? right arrow

The Fuzia community is a multinational gathering that celebrates the fusion of cultures and creativity. It serves as a hub for like-minded individuals who wish to inspire, uplift, upskill, and support one another through the power of community and experiential learning.

As a member of the Fuzia community, you not only have the opportunity to showcase your talents and thoughts, but also gain access to a wealth of learning resources to upskill and enhance your abilities. Explore diverse webinars and mentoring programs conducted by international coaches. Utilise this platform to discover numerous opportunities for monetizing your creative skills.

Enhance your skills, network with like-minded individuals, and explore job opportunities.

How does it work ? right arrow

It works in some simple steps:

1. Sign in to www.fuzia.com to register as a part of the Fuzia Community

2. Complete your profile. Don't forget to mention your passion and skills.

3. Voila! Now you can showcase your past work, post your thoughts, build your portfolio and engage with fellow Fuzians.

4. You can stay updated with all the upcoming events, workshops and even get lifetime access to our curated collection of ebooks and recorded webinars.

5. Learn, network, grow, and prosper with us.

How can the platform help me upskill and get a job? right arrow

It works in some simple steps:

As a member of the Fuzia community, you gain direct access to our core team, who are constantly exploring new projects and job openings. We also organise regular training sessions and expert webinars, providing you with valuable insights and industry trends. Our learning and development section is regularly updated with ebooks and resources to sharpen your skills. Your profile is under constant review by our talent agents, and if we find a suitable match, we reach out to you directly. Additionally, you can explore the "work with us" section to apply for open positions.

Gain access to training sessions, webinars, and job openings through our global network.

I am not looking for a job. Can I still join? right arrow

Absolutely! Learning new skills and connecting with like-minded individuals is an exciting endeavour. Moreover, you can explore the blog section to delve into interesting topics and stay updated with current trends.

Is there any membership fee? right arrow

No, there are no fees for job opportunities or signing up. Take your first step without any hesitation!

Tell me more about the clients you work with. right arrow

We collaborate with clients from around the world and connect them with the most suitable talents, carefully selected from our Fuzia community. Our clientele primarily consists of coaches, small business owners, founders, and solopreneurs.

Once I get a project, how do I get paid? right arrow

We work with clients worldwide, ensuring seamless banking transactions. Payments are made directly to you as a part of our payroll process, either bi-monthly or monthly, depending on the agreed terms.

Our payroll process ensures secure and timely payments for your work.

What are the rules/guidelines that I should know before I register on to the Fuzia community? right arrow

While participating in workshops related to your creative niche, we simply ask that you be your most authentic self, treating fellow Fuzians with respect and without causing harm or engaging in discriminatory behaviour. This community is open to individuals above the age of 18. Feel free to reach out to us at support@fuzia.com if you have any further questions. We look forward to welcoming you to the Fuzia Community!