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3 DAYS -
  • Leading Fearlessly:
    The Authentic Leaders
    • Keynote Session followed by Personal branding workshop
    • 1 pm BST or 8 am EST
    Elevate Me:
    Unleashing Power of
    Personal Branding
    • Format - Webinar / Workshop
    • 25th October 2023
    • 1 pm BST or 8 am EST
    Self-Care and Empathy:
    Building Resilience, Lasting Wellbeing & Growth
    • Format - Panel Discussion followed by Networking Event
    • 25th October 2023
    • 5pm BST or 12pm EST
  • Elevate and connect:
    The Dual essence of
    • Format - Webinar/Workshop
    • 26th October 2023
    • 1 pm BST or 8 am EST
    Sales Mastery for Coaches:
    Expert Insights on Boosting
    • Format - Panel Discussion
    • 26th October 2023
    • 5 pm BST or 12 pm EST
  • 2Cs of Coaching:
    Communication and
    • Format - Webinar / Workshop
    • 27th October 2023
    • 1 pm BST or 8 am EST
    Integrating Work and life:
    Key to success
    • Keynote Session followed by Grand Networking event
    • 27th October 2023
    • 5 pm BST or 12 pm EST
Olivia J.M. Nunn
DAY 1, EVENT 1. Elevate Me: Unleashing Power of Personal Branding

Olivia Nunn is an inspiring leader and experienced executive director of communications with a distinguished history of achieving excellence in the government relations industry spanning over 10 years. As the CEO of Olivia Nunn Communications. She is enthusiastically dedicated to promoting Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion in the workforce.

Olivia J.M. Nunn Public Speaker| Communications Strategist | Brand Strategist | Social Media Strategist | Podcast Host for Calm In the Storm & MOAA
Catherine Li-Yunxia
DAY 1, EVENT 1. Elevate Me: Unleashing Power of Personal Branding

Catherine is one of the most effective and sought-after Global CEO Coaches and Executive Coaches. She assists C-Suite and senior executives from 45 different cultural backgrounds across 5 continents in achieving high impact and deep transformation through unparalleled coaching programs that develop business leaders in various disciplines.

Catherine stands out as one of the rare Executive Coaches featured in LinkedIn’s Top Voices in 2022 and is recognized as a LinkedIn Global Influencer.

Catherine’s unique blend of qualities has propelled her to success and recognition as a top Global Executive Coach across various industries. She specializes in nurturing leaders from the inside out, collaborating extensively with executives to guide them toward becoming value-driven leaders. These leaders have the courage to embrace genuine personal transformation, fostering enduring business success. Catherine excels in holistic coaching, empowering leaders to realize their best selves in every facet of their lives

Catherine Li-Yunxia Unleashing Power of Personal Branding
Marcia Dyson
DAY 1, EVENT 2. Self-Care and Empathy: Building Resilience, Lasting Well-being & Growth

Marcia L. Dyson is one of America’s most respected communication specialists. She is the President of M and M Dyson, LLC, an exclusive national and international consultancy in matters of business development, marketing, political strategies and social responsibility. Marcia Dyson is the founder of Women’s Global Institute (WGI), a for- profit entity to enhance the lives of women via “profitable and purposeful social Engagement.”
Dyson has been championing women’s rights globally for over 25 years and is a member of many women’s organizations, including the Black Women& Round Table, which performs as a liaison to the White House on gender equality, social justice, voting rights, and presidential appointments.

Marcia Dyson Political strategist | writer | International marketing consultant
Amy Mc Cae
DAY 1, EVENT 2. Self-Care and Empathy: Building Resilience, Lasting Well-being & Growth

Amy has been an exceptional Leadership Coach and Transformational trainer for the past 14 years. Amy believes in cultivating sustainable lives and sustainable workplaces that are focused on both wellness and success.
Amy founded Creative Wellness after spending nearly a decade ill with chronic Illnesses. One day she was too sick for her newborn baby and had to crawl to the phone to get help. That day changed her life forever and she went seeking healing in places she didn’t even know existed. Amy found healing through fitness, nutrition, and meditation.
She helps industry leaders to reduce stress and overwhelm so they can have clarity, confidence, and peace of mind, as well as more time for fun, family, and themselves.

Amy Mc Cae Transformation and Empathetic Leadership Coach
Kelley Tyan
DAY 1, EVENT 2. Self-Care and Empathy: Building Resilience, Lasting Well-being & Growth

Kelley Tyan is first and foremost, a proud wife and mother of her two children. She is a faith-fueled motivational speaker, top-rated podcaster, and sought-after transformational coach for women in health, faith, mindset, and personal development.
She is a breast cancer survivor, a 4x National Bikini Champion, podcast host of her show, Addicted To The Climb, as well as the author of her book, also called Addicted To The Climb. With over 20 years of experience, Kelley has inspired and empowered countless women to break through barriers, overcome challenges, and become the courageous leaders of their lives, at home and in the workplace.

Kelley Tyan Master transformation coach for women in faith, fitness, and mindset
Felena Hanson
DAY 1, EVENT 2. Self-Care and Empathy: Building Resilience, Lasting Well-being & Growth

Founder of Hera Hub 🏛 Female-Focused Coworking Space & Business Accelerator. Supporting Female Entrepreneurs through Education, Mentoring, and Collaboration Community of Like-minded Women 💪

As a non-repentant rebel and self-admitted rules breaker, Felena started her first business at age 8, traveled Western Europe alone, and can often be seen inciting pop-up dance parties on the streets of San Diego. A life-threatening car accident, at age twenty-two, caused her to take stock of her life, re-evaluate her direction, and set big goals for herself. Never one to dwell on what has happened to her, but to always shift her focus forward, she eventually launched Hera Hub, with a vision to support over 20,000 women with the launch and growth of their business all over the world.

Felena Hanson Founder of Hera Hub | Mentor to Female Entrepreneurs through Education | Collaborator to Community of Like-minded Women
Amanda Goetz
DAY 1, EVENT 2. Self-Care and Empathy: Building Resilience, Lasting Well-being & Growth

Amanda Goetz is a 2x founder, 3x CMO, brand builder, and content creator on personal and professional growth, inspiring over 110,000 people every week through her social insights and weekly newsletter, Life's A Game.

Amanda Goetz Founder | Creator |
Brand Builder
Angela DSouza
DAY 2, EVENT 1. Elevate and Connect: The Dual Essence of Networking

Angela C De Souza, is a passionate British entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and author on a mission to inspire and empower individuals in the world of business and personal development. As the proud founder of the Women's Business Club, she has built a vibrant platform that brings together women entrepreneurs and professionals to connect, collaborate, and thrive together.

Angela DSouza  A passionate British entrepreneur | motivational speaker | Author on a mission to inspire and empower individuals
Gunjan Sinha
DAY 2, EVENT 2. Sales Mastery for Coaches: Expert Insights on Boosting Conversations

Gunjan Sinha is a visionary, entrepreneur, and business leader. He currently serves as the Executive Chairman of MetricStream, a leading global risk management company. Earlier in his career, he has been an Internet pioneer and is best known as the founder of WhoWhere? - an internet search engine that he sold to Lycos in 1998. He is also the co-founder and board member of the customer engagement software company, eGain (NASDAQ: EGAN) and also serves on the Board of MarketStar, a global leader in Revenue Growth Platform-as-a-Service company
Gunjan is passionate about social innovation, diversity, inclusiveness, and global risk management.

Gunjan Sinha  Entrepreneur and Executive
Chairman at MetricStream
Samantha Halse
DAY 2, EVENT 2. Sales Mastery for Coaches: Expert Insights on Boosting Conversations

With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the dynamic world of sales, Sam is a seasoned expert in helping women business owners in their 50s and beyond unleash their inner rebels and transform their sales game. Armed with a deep understanding of human behavior, Sam holds an accredited coaching certification, a master mindset qualification, and is a psychology graduate making her uniquely equipped to guide her clients to unprecedented success. Unleashing Rebel Potential: Sam is renowned for her bold and sassy approach to sales coaching. She empowers her clients to break free from conventional norms, embrace their rebellious spirit, and make an impact in the world. Her mission is simple yet powerful: to help women business owners to skyrocket their sales and make the money they deserve, while paving a path to the freedom they Crave.

Samantha Halse Sales coach | Rewriting the rules of sales and empowering (rebellious) women entrepreneurs to thrive
Charlotte Howard Collins
DAY 2, EVENT 2. Sales Mastery for Coaches: Expert Insights on Boosting Conversations

Charlotte Howard Collins is a trailblazing entrepreneur, international best-selling author, speaker, and charismatic female business success coach with a passion for helping women unlock their entrepreneurial potential. Having achieved success as the CEO of multiple seven-figure companies, she is a proud recipient of global awards for her innovative business strategies.
She has recently been named on the Forbes BLK list and is multi-award winning. She is also an Impact Partner, Impact Leader, and Ambassador. She is also our publishing partner.

Charlotte Howard Collins Female Business Success Coach
Leticia. R. Francis
DAY 2, EVENT 2. Sales Mastery for Coaches: Expert Insights on Boosting Conversations

Leticia. R. Francis is THE Market Research Strategist for women coaches who are ready for more clients so they can increase their income and impact. She supports them by leveraging market research so they can strategically position themselves in business.

Leticia. R. Francis Market Research Strategist for Women Coaches
Christian de la Huerta
DAY 3, DAY 3, EVENT 1. 2Cs of Coaching: Communication and Confidence

Christian de la Huerta, the visionary founder of Soulful Power, has over three decades of experience as a highly sought-after personal transformation expert. From retreat locations around the world, university lecture halls, corporate boardrooms, and houses of worship, Christian offerings all share a single mission: to awaken participants to their deeper sense of purpose, empowering them to unlock their full potential and lead lives of deep meaning, purpose, and fulfillment.
As a TEDx speaker, a leading voice in the breathwork community, and a celebrated author, Christian's latest book, Awakening the Soul of Power, inspires and supports readers to transform their relationship to power, generating deeper levels of fulfillment and personal freedom. It was described as “a balm for the soul of anyone searching for truth and answers to life’s difficult questions” by music icon Gloria Estefan. It has received a Nautilus Book Award, a Global Book Award, a Book Excellence Award, and a Nonfiction Book Award.

Christian de la Huerta President of Soulful Power Business and Relationship Coach | TEDX Speaker
Dee Murray
DAY 3, EVENT 2. Integrating Work and Life - Key to Success

Dee Murray embarked on a transformative path in the field of psychotherapy and human behavior. As an advanced psychotherapist, Dee honed her expertise, laying the foundation for a remarkable career dedicated to empowering individuals and revolutionizing perceptions of mental well-being and physical health.
Dee's passion is deeply rooted in understanding the intricacies of the human brain and how emotional struggles can profoundly impact one's overall health. Her mastery of psychology is matched by her unique expertise in post-reproductive health and menopause, elevating her to the forefront of this critical field.

Dee Murray Trailblazing female founder and the visionary CEO of Menopause Experts Group | Transforming Lives through Expertise in Mental and Physical Wellbeing
DAY 3, EVENT 1. 2Cs of Coaching: Communication and Confidence


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